Copy volume to image in multiple stores of glance

This specs propose to send base image reference to glance on volume upload to image API.

Problem description

In Train, Glance has added the ability to configure multiple stores [1]. This way an operator can configure more than one of similar or different kind of stores and use one as a default store. If a store is not specified at the time of uploading an image then the image will be stored in default store.

In Train, I have proposed a spec [2] where cinder can specify the glance store via the volume-type. The store specified in volume-type will be passed to glance using x-image-meta-store header. Even operator specifies the glance store identifier in volume-type it will only allow volume image to be uploaded to single specified store and does not allow for co-location of the image. Also, it depends on the operator configuring the volume-type extra-specs to define a preferred Glance store; if the operator doesn’t take this step, all uploads go to the default Glance store.

Use Cases

  1. At the moment, if cloud provider decided to upgrade their cloud to Train release to use the ability of glance of configuring multiple store and the base image from which volume is created resides in multiple stores of glance, then if the operator has not defined a glance store in the volume-type extra specs, the image created from volume will always be uploaded to default store and there is no way to replicate/copy these image bits to all the stores where base image is uploaded. As a result, operators today need to perform a number of manual steps in order to replicate/copy image bits on glance stores despite using the ‘enabled_backends’ configuration option. For this purpose, he/she need to manually copy the newly created image from volume in all stores and register these others locations URL with the image using the glance API.

Proposed change

When a volume is created from an image, Cinder currently stores the image_uuid in the volume_image_metadata. When Cinder upload volume to image is requested cinder should pass the ‘image_uuid’ as a header ‘x-openstack-base-image-ref’ to glance, so that glance can identify the store(s) in which the original image is located. Cinder is also storing this glance store information in volume types [2], where the store identifier associated with volume-type will be passed as a header ‘x-image-meta-store’ to glance to upload the image created from volume to that specific store.

If a volume is created from an image and Cinder passes both the ‘x-image-meta-store’ and ‘x-openstack-base-image-ref’ headers, Glance will ignore the ‘x-openstack-base-image-ref’ header and will use the store_id specified in the ‘x-image-meta-store’ header.

If volume is not bootable and store information is available in volume type then glance will use store associated with volume type to upload the image created from volume.

If volume is not bootable and store information is not available in volume type then glance will use ‘default store’ to upload the image created from volume.


Continue with passing store information using volume types [2].

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Work Items

  • Pass image uuid stored in ‘volume_image_metadata’ as header to glance

  • Add related tests


  • Depends on implementation of ‘Support Glance multiple stores’ [2].


  • Add related unittest

  • Add related functional test

  • Add tempest tests

Documentation Impact

Operators documentation should be updated according to spec implementation.