Untyped volumes to default volume type


This blueprint proposes to use a default volume type instead of allowing users to create untyped volumes.

Problem description

Currently a user is able to create a volume without any volume type, since a volume’s characteristics are defined by a volume type, creating untyped volumes shouldn’t be allowed.

Use Cases

Most users use volume types, and our code is simpler and less buggy if we just always attach volume types to volumes, so we should just force all deployments to use volume types.

Proposed change

This spec proposes the following changes :

  • Create a default volume type during cinder database migration or on cinder services start time. The default volume type will have no extra specs assigned to it and will be named __DEFAULT__

  • If a volume type named __DEFAULT__ already exists, the deployer needs to rename or remove it before upgrading

  • Add an online migration to convert all untyped volumes and snapshots to __DEFAULT__ volume type

  • Set a default value __DEFAULT__ for default_volume_type config option so the default value is picked when it is unset in cinder.conf

  • Don’t allow deletion of the __DEFAULT__ volume type via type-delete

  • Updating of volume type (__DEFAULT__) will be handled by MANAGE_POLICY which defaults to admin-only


  1. Mandate specifying volume type while creating volumes.

  2. Do this as a behind-the-scenes DB migration rather than relying on manual intervention with upgrade checkers.

  3. Do this as a best-effort-if-it’s-safe operation in the volume manager, which would migrate most deployments, and skip those that are ruled out for whatever reason.

REST API impact


Data model impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

  • All volumes created without specifying the volume-type parameter will be associated with the default volume type.

  • Untyped Volumes and Snapshots will be assigned __DEFAULT__ volume type

  • Users will no longer be able to create a volume with None volume type.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Rajat Dhasmana <rajatdhasmana@gmail.com>

Other assignee:

Eric Harney <eharney@redhat.com>

Work Items

By restricting untyped volumes, we need to do the following changes:

  • Add an upgrade check to verify that current deployment doesn’t contain any volume type named __DEFAULT__ else the upgrade will fail

  • Create __DEFAULT__ volume type at the time of cinder db migration or service start time

  • Add upgrade check to verify no type named __DEFAULT__ exists before upgrading

  • Add an online migration to convert all untyped volumes and snapshots to __DEFAULT__ volume type

  • Related code changes to associate default_volume_type to volumes if no volume type is specified by user




Unit-tests, tempest and other related tests will be implemented.

Documentation Impact

Need to update volume type related docs.