Improve volume transfer records

Improve volume transfer records

This blueprint proposes to improve volume transfer records by adding source_project_id and destination_project_id, accepted fields to transfer table and related api responses, makes it easier for users to trace the volume transfer history.

Problem description

Currently, the volume transfer record does not include the destination project_id after transferring and the source project_id before transferring. These fields are very useful for admins and operators to trace the transfer history.

And also once the transfer is deleted, the user can’t determine if this transfer had been accepted or not before it was deleted.

It is bad for admins and users to trace volume historical track between project and audit the volume records.

Use Cases

  • In order to trace the volume transfer history, the admin wants to know who was the volume owner before transferring.

  • The admin wants to know whether a deleted transfer had been accepted or not.

Proposed change

This spec proposes to do

  1. Add three new fields to transfer table:

    • source_project_id, this field records the source project_id before volume transferring.

    • destination_project_id, this field records the destination project_id after volume transferring.

    • accepted, this field records if this transfer was accepted or not.

  2. Add a new microverion API to add above fields to the response of follow API:

    • Create a volume transfer POST /v3/{project_id}/volume-transfers

    • Show volume transfer detail GET /v3/{project_id}/volume-transfers

    • List volume transfer and detail GET /v3/{project_id}/volume-transfers/detail

    And the response of “List volume transfer (non-detail)” API will not include these fields.


The admins could find part of volume transferring info from log, but it’s difficult to find it out easily, especially when the user wants to audit a very old volume transfer.

REST API impact

A new microversion will be created to add these new added fields to transfer related API responses.

Data model impact


Security impact


Notifications impact

Notifications will be changed to add these new added fields.

Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Yikun Jiang <>

Work Items

  • Add source_project_id and destination_project_id, accepted fields to transfer table

  • Add source_project_id and destination_project_id, accepted fields to related API.

  • Implement changes for python-cinderclient to support list transfer with --detail.

  • Update related transfer api doc.




  • Unit-tests, tempest and other related test should be implemented

Documentation Impact




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