Support retrieve pools filtered by volume-type

Add feature that administrators can get back-end storage pools filtered by volume-type, cinder will return the pools filtered by volume-type’s extra-specs.

Problem description

Now cinder’s get-pools API doesn’t support filtering pools by volume type, and this is inconvenient when administrators want to know the specified pool’s state which also can meet volume type’s requirements, the administrators also can get all pools and filter them on their own, but it’s more complicated and inefficient. This change intends to cover this situation and bring more convenience to administrators.

Use Cases

In production environment, administrators often need to have an overall pool available statistics filtered by volume type, this will help them to make an adjustment before resources run out.

Proposed change

As we will introduce generalized resource filter in cinder, from the view of outside cinder, the only thing we should do is to advertise that we can support this filter now:

From the view of inside cinder. We will mark volume-type recognizable, and support for this filter in logic:

  • once the volume-type (name or id) is detected, the volume type object will be retrieved before scheduler api is called, and will be passed as a filter item.

  • the scheduler.get_pools called, which will call the host_manager.get_pools in result.

  • the host_manager.get_pools will collect the pools information as normal, and before it returns, the result will be filtered by host.get_filtered_hosts.

  • the filter properties of get_filtered_hosts only consists of volume-type properties.

  • As already proposed by generalized resource filtering [1], the changes on cinder-client for this feature are not needed.


Administrators also can retrieve and filter on their own, but it’s more complicated and inefficient. This change can reduce the request amount and filter unnecessary data transmitted from server to client.

Data model impact


REST API impact

Get-Pool API will accept new query string parameter volume-type. Administrators can pass name or ID to retrieve pools filtered.

  • GET /v3/{tenant_id}/scheduler-stats/get_pools?volume-type=lvm-default

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

Within generalized resource filtering, we would ultimately have a get-pools command like this below:

cinder get-pools --filters volume-type='volume type'

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Add Get-Pools’s filter.

  • Add filter logic when retrieving pools.

  • Add related tests.


Depended on generalized resource filtering [1]


  1. Unit test to test whether volume-type filter can be correctly applied.

  2. Tempest test whether volume-type filter work correctly from API perspective.

Documentation Impact

  1. The cinder API documentation will need to be updated to reflect the REST API changes.