Assisted Snapshot Improvements

This spec aims to improve the infrastructure used to coordinate between Cinder and Nova for volume snapshots.

Problem description

The update_snapshot_status API is used to update fields in the Cinder database which the driver performing a snapshot delete uses to determine when Nova’s part is finished and the Cinder driver can take over again.

This currently overloads the ‘progress’ field of the snapshot to carry information from the API layer to the driver. This is hacky and should be reworked as more drivers are interested in supporting assisted snapshots.

This work will also assist in supporting proper transitions between different phases of the snapshot create/delete process.

Use Cases

NA. There is no user/deployer impact as this is a internal only change.

Proposed change

API<->Volume service interaction

Establish a snapshot_admin_metadata table which is similar to the volume_admin_metadata table:

id : Integer, primary key,
key : string,
value : string,
volume_id : id ref,
volume : relationship joining to volumes table

Setting a snapshot_status metadata value will allow the API layer to transfer this information to the volume service.

Volume manager<->driver interaction

Split the assisted snapshot processing code out of the driver (currently RemoteFS-based) and into the volume manager. This will allow drivers that support assisted snapshots to have a call for each stage, rather than only a single delete_snapshot call.

The driver will have a property indicating it supports assisted snapshots, which triggers use of the following methods in the manager instead of the manager calling the driver’s create_snapshot:



Each of these calls can return a dict of fields to be updated for the snapshot and/or snapshot_admin_metadata by the volume manager.

This will move some database accesses currently done in the driver to the volume manager, as well as better allowing support for defined state transitions between the Nova and Cinder phases.


Leave things as they are today, which may lead to a less robust/maintainable infrastructure for assisted snapshots.

Data model impact

Create new snapshot_admin_metadata table as described above.

REST API impact

update_snapshot_status() API will look for a new ‘compute_snapshot_status’ field which will be used to populate the snapshot_admin_metadata entry.

If this field is not present, it will use the ‘progress’ field as before for compatibility.

Security impact

None, interactions in and out of Cinder expose the same information and level of access as today.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Cinder will remain backward compatible with Liberty Nova for the APIs being modified here.

Developer impact

New interfaces for drivers for creating and deleting snapshots assisted by the compute service.



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Add processing to update_snapshot_status API for new fields

  • Add new fields to the update_snapshot_status call made by Nova

  • Add processing in snapshot-tracking code for the new compute_progress field

  • Create new driver interfaces in the volume manager

  • Migrate RemoteFS snapshot infrastructure to the new interfaces for the RemoteFSSnapDriver class.



This will be covered by CI for GlusterFS, the NFS driver (once snapshots are added to it in Mitaka), and CI for other RemoteFS drivers.

Documentation Impact