Ability to update volume type public status


This proposal is to add the ability to update volume type is_public status.

Problem description

Currently, the v2 volume type update api doesn’t support updating volume type’s public status. All volume types created are public by default if not specified, It is not possible to update a existing volume_type is_public status. It is necessary to add updating public status for volume type. If a volume type updated from public to private, the volumes created with this type will not be affected, but the user without access will not be able to create volume with this type anymore.

Use Cases

Suppose the admin created a volume type. And he/she wants to make the volume type not public and add access to specified projects.

Proposed change

  • Modify volume_type update API adding is_public property support.


Data model impact

REST API impact

Volume type update change

  • Update volume type API * V2/<tenant id>/types/volume_type_id * Method: PUT * JSON schema definition for V2:

            "name": "test_type",
            "description": "Test volume type",
            "is_public": "False" # new
    • In the existing update volume type API, add a new parameter “is_public” to allow updating public status for volume type.

Security impact

Notifications impact

Other end user impact

python-cinderclient needs to be changed to support the modified API.

  • Update volume type cinder type-update –name <name> –description <description> –is-public <is-public>

Performance Impact

Other deployer impact

Developer impact



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Other contributors:

Work Items

  1. API change: * Modify Update Volume Type API.



New unit tests will be added to test the changed code.

Documentation Impact

Documentation changes are needed.