Cinder DB Archiving

We actually don’t delete rows from db, we mark it only as deleted (we have special column). So the DB is growing and growing, so this causes problem with performance.

Problem description

A lot of unused data in the DB causes different kind of problems with performance and maintaining:

  • Need to filter ‘marked as deleted’ rows in every query

  • DB contains a lot of unused data in each table and operators need to filter it if they use database directly in an emergency case

  • Storage usage utilization (low priority)

Use Cases

Proposed change

Create shadow table for each table and copy “deleted” rows from main to shadow table.

We need to provide several method for archiving data:

  • archive not more than N “deleted” rows in each table

  • archive “deleted” rows older than specified data

  • archive all “deleted” data

Shadowing could be started as a periodic task or admin management util.


Create event-based solution to make opportunity operators to subscribe on “deleting” events and store deleted data somewhere.

Data model impact

  • Create shadow tables

  • Implement migrations to store current “deleted” rows in shadow table

  • Shadow tables could have blob field to store some “deleted” data and to not impose restrictions on database schema changes.

REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact

No performance hit from filtering out a potentially massive number of deleted records on every query.

Other deployer impact

  • Operator or deployer could use periodic task or Cinder management tool to archive “deleted” data.

Developer impact

Developers should care about migrations for shadow tables as well, as for original tables:

  • table creation or deletion requires creating or deleting corresponding shadow tables

  • when a table is modified, the shadow tables have to get modified

  • when one or more columns are moved to a new table, columns from shadow table should also moved to a new shadow table with data migration

  • downgrades should be implemented for shadow tables too: new tables have to get removed and the migrated columns will have to get reverted



Primary assignee:

Ivan Kolodyazhny (e0ne)

Other contributors:

Boris Pavlovich (boris-42)

Work Items





Unit tests for both API and Tempest will be implemented,

Documentation Impact

Cloud Administration Guide will be updated to introduce new cinder-manage command: