Failover to alternative iSCSI portals on login failure

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This spec proposes to add fail-over feature to alternative iSCSI portals on attaching iSCSI volumes when the main iSCSI portal is unaccessible.

Problem description

When the main iSCSI portal is unreachable by network failure etc., volume attach/detach will fail even though the other portal addresses is reachable. To enable nova-compute to fall-back to alternative portal addresses, cinder should tell the alternative portal addresses to nova.

Use Cases

Proposed change

Add optional parameters ‘target_alternative_portals’, ‘target_alternative_iqns’, and ‘target_alternative_luns’ into ‘connection_info’ returned by os-initialize_connection volume action API that represents a list of alternative addresses of the iSCSI portals and the corresponding iqn and lun to each portal. (iqns and luns can be the same when the addresses are pointing the same portal.)

When nova-compute recognizes these parameters, it will fall-back to alternative portal address/target/lun specified by the parameters on failure during discovery. Old nova-compute just ignores the new parameters, so it works without changes if the primary portal address is alive.

Note that this proposal is for single iSCSI data path use-case (fail-over). This means, if the primary portal and target is failed, the other LUNs already attached on the path will be unaccessible until the path is recovered manually. Multiple data path (multipath) use-case is covered with another spec.

This change must be applied also to cinder/brick/initiator.



Data model impact

Backend drivers, if they need, may put multiple portal addresses and iqns into ‘provider_location’ field of volume tables.

For example, the LVM iSCSI driver will put the addresses in the following format in order to pass them as a volume dict to target admin helpers:

provider_location = ‘<portal ip>:<port>;<portal ip 2>:<port>,<portal> <iqn>’


provider_location = ‘;,0


(Note that ‘volume-12345678…’ is a name of target, not a volume; they are the same in LVM iSCSI driver.)

Other backend drivers can add multiple portal addresses and iqns into cinder.conf, or can retrieve them dynamically from the array.

REST API impact

‘os-initialize_connection’ volume action API response may have additional parameters ‘target_alternative_portals’ and ‘target_alternative_iqns’, which contain a list of portal IP address:port pairs, a list of alternative iqn’s and lun’s corresponding to each portal address. For example:

{"connection_info": {"driver_volume_type": "iscsi", ...
                     "data": {"target_portal": "",
                              "target_alternative_portals": [
                              "target_iqn": "",
                              "target_alternative_iqns": [
                              "target_lun": 1,
                              "target_alternative_luns": [2, 3],

In this case, “”, lun=1 is for portal “”, “”, lun=2 is for portal “”, and “”, lun=3 is for portal “”.

The portals may have the same targets and/or luns in some backends.

Backend drivers are responsible to specify the order of alternative portals. Nova and Cinder brick library should first try connecting to the main portal and target. If failed, it should try connecting to the alternative portals and targets in the order of the list provided. For example, if a backend driver wants to round-robin portals for each LUN, the driver may return different portal addresses as main addresses for LUNs in the same target.

Security impact


Note that if any CHAP credentials are provided in connection_info, they must be applied on the all target_portals.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Backend driver may have additional settings to enable alternative iSCSI portals. For example, to utilize this feature in iSCSI LVM driver, we needs to specify a list of alternative IP addresses of the cinder-volume node where iSCSI targets run on.

Developer impact

To enable multiple iSCSI portals functionality, backend drivers must change the implementation of initialize_connection method to return the additional parameters ‘target_alternative_portals’, ‘target_alternative_iqns’ and ‘target_alternative_luns’.



Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Implement this feature in LVM iSCSI driver as a sample

  • Modify Nova and Cinder brick library to fail-over to alternative portals




  • Unit tests should be added for drivers which support this feature, so that initialize_connection will return correct connection_info.

  • To test this feature in tempest, multiple addresses must be asigned to the test environment in order to access alternative portal addresses. Implementation in LVM iSCSI driver would be useful for testing.

Documentation Impact

A section to describe this feature should be added.

If the driver needs additional settings for this feature, the documentation for them should be added.