i18n Enablement for Cinder

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This BluePrint/Spec proposes completing the enablement of i18n (internationalization) support for Cinder.

Internationalization implementation has been an on-going effort in OpenStack during recent releases. During the Icehouse release, much of the support for internationalization was already merged into Cinder. Specifically the update of Oslo’s gettextutils (commit 1553a1e78ec262b044ce99b418103c91b7b580f6) completed much of the process. Removal of the use of str() in exceptions and messages was the other major piece of work that was implemented: (commit cbe1d5f5e22e5f792128643e4cdd6afb2ff2b5bf).

To finalize this work in Juno we need to enable “lazy” translation. Enablement of lazy translation will allow end users to not only have logs produced in multiple languages, but adds the ability for REST API messages to also be returned in the language chosen by the user. This functionality is important to support the use of OpenStack by the international community.

Use Cases

Problem description

Currently, Cinder does not have the all the code in place to support lazy translation. The code associated with this blueprint will add the appropriate code and enable translation of REST API responses.

Proposed change

The code for this change will add ‘gettextutils.enable_lazy() to each of the binaries in bin.

It will also remove the use of gettextutils.install() in each of the binary files. Instead it will add the explicit import of _() in all files that are not already importing the _() function. The need for the change to explicitly import _() is documented in bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1306275 .



Data model impact


REST API impact

There is no additional changes to the REST API other than the fact that the change enables the customer to specify the language they wish REST API responses to be returned in using the Accept-Language option.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Once merged this feature is immediately available to users.

Developer impact

The developer impacts have already been in place for some time. Developers have been using _() around messages that need translation.



Primary assignee:

<jsbryant@us.ibm.com> (Jungleboyj)

Other contributors:


Work Items

I am planning to implement this as two patches. The first will be the patch to ensure that _() is being explicitly imported. The dependent patch will then set enable_lazy().




There will be a tempest test added for Cinder that will ensure that lazy translation is working properly.

Documentation Impact