High-level task flow

Procedure 1.1. To create and attach a volume

  1. You create a volume.

    For example, you might create a 30 GB volume called vol1, as follows:

    $ cinder create --display-name vol1 30

    The command returns the 521752a6-acf6-4b2d-bc7a-119f9148cd8c volume ID.

  2. You attach that volume to a virtual machine (VM) with the 616fb98f-46ca-475e-917e-2563e5a8cd19 ID, as follows:

    For example:

    $ nova volume-attach 616fb98f-46ca-475e-917e-2563e5a8cd19 521752a6-acf6-4b2d-bc7a-119f9148cd8c /dev/vdb