Add barbican-manage command


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A new ‘barbican-manage’ command is introduced as Barbican admin tool. This command interacts with Barbican service for management operations which usually cannot be accomplished with REST APIs. This can improve usability and extensibility in the future.

Other OpenStack services like Keystone [1] and Nova [2] also provide similar commands for service admins.

Problem Description

Currently, Barbican uses individual admin commands for management functions. For example, using barbican-db-manage for database migration, using pkcs11-key-generation and pkcs11-kek-rewarp for HSM/pkcs11 related management, etc. More new admin functions will be added in future releases. It’s time to consolidate all these individual commands under a single tool for sake of simplicity.

Proposed Change

The syntax of new ‘barbican-manage’ command will be:

barbican-manage [options] category action [additional args]

category and action will be a list of subcommands that will be supported. The initial implementation of barbican-manage will be just refactoring current command code, and unify all functions into one command.


Existing admin commands will be continue working and will be deprecated in future according to OpenStack standard deprecation policy [3]

Currently we have 2 categories: db for database management and hsm for HSM/PKCS11 management.

Category db replaces existing barbican-db-manage command:

db cleanup

Remove all soft-deleted and expired secrets from DB

db restore

Restore a soft-deleted secret from DB

db revision

Create a new DB version file

db upgrade

Upgrade to a future version DB version

db history

Show changeset history

db current

Show current revision for a database

Category db can take additional argument:


URL to the database


Secret garbage collection configuration file

Category hsm replaces existing pkcs11-key-generation and

pkcs11-kek-rewrap commands:

hsm gen-mkek

Generate HSM master key encryption key

hsm gen-mhmk

Generate HSM master HMAC key

hsm rewrap-pkek

Rewrap Project KEKs after rotating to a new MKEK

Category hsm can take following additional arguments:


PKCS11 library path


Slot ID


PKCS11 login password


Key label


Key length


Displays changes that will be made (Non-destructive)


–dry-run requires above 5 arguments be specified

General ‘options’ includes:


show help message


show command version

The command will read standard barbican.conf to get setting for debug, verbose and log_file options.



Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

User has to have appropriate privilege to run command barbican-manage.

Notifications & Audit Impact

Event log can be generated for audit support.

Python and Command Line Client Impact

No impact to Barbican client and OpenStack client.

A new CLI admin command will be added, so its user guide need to be added.

Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

None if existing admin commands are not used in deploying script.

There is no immediate impact to deployers even if they use existing admin commands in script for deployment. The script need to be converted to use new barbican-manage command eventually before old commands are removed according to procedures in OpenStack standard deprecation policy.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

Work items or tasks
  • Create a new in barbican/cmd and call functions into scripts and pkcs11_*.py

  • Add unit testcases

  • Add barbican-manage command script in setup.cfg

  • Add user guide document for barbican-manage command

  • deprecate existing command scripts. Adding deprecation warning message in existing commands.




Unit tests will be added for all subcommands and various options.

Documentation Impact

A new barbican-manage command user guide will be added, which should include new user guide for database migration subcommands and user guide of pkcs11-related subcommands modified from existing