Example Guideline Category

Introduction paragraph – what does this guideline category address? A single paragraph of prose that implementors can understand. This paragraph should describe the intent and scope of the guideline. The title and this first paragraph should be used as the subject line and body of the commit message respectively.

Some notes about using this template:

Each file should be a group of related guidelines, such as “HTTP Headers” or similar. Each guideline gets its own subheader, and within each section there is an overview/introduction, a guidance section, examples, and references. Not every guideline will fill in every section. If a section isn’t needed for a particular guideline, delete it if you’re really sure it’s superfluous.

Guideline Name

A detailed guideline that is being suggested. It should also have an introduction if applicable.


The actual guidance that the API Special Interest Group would like to provide.

  • The guideline should provide a clear recitation of the actions to be taken by implementors.

  • Reference to specific technology implementations (for example, XXX-Y.Z package) should be avoided.

  • External references should be described by annotations with the links to the source material in the References section. (for example, please see RFC 0000 or this footnote guide [1])


A series of examples that demonstrate the proper usage of the guideline being proposed. These examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • JSON objects.

  • HTTP methods demonstrating requests and responses.

The examples should not include:

  • Code samples designed for implementation.


References may be provided in cases where they aid in giving a more complete understanding of the guideline. You are not required to have any references. Moreover, this guideline should still make sense when your references are unavailable. Examples of what you could include are:

  • Links to mailing list or IRC discussions

  • Links to notes from a summit session

  • Links to relevant research, if appropriate

RST supports footnotes in the following format: