Problem description

Currently the email subscription in Zaqar relay on the third part tools, such as “sendmail”. It means that deployer should install it out of Zaqar. If he forgets, Zaqar will raise internal error. This work let Zaqar support email subscription by itself using the smtp python library.

Use Cases

The modification enables users to send email subscriptions without the third part tools.

Proposed change

A new config option smtp_mode will be added, it has two value choices, [“third_part”, “self_local”]. third_part means Zaqar will use the tools from which smtp_command config option provides to send email subscription. self_local means Zaqar will use the smtp python library instead.

A email template file will be added as well. Some parameters in the file should be configured firstly before using. Those parameters include something like smtp service account/password, smtp service address and so on. These value should come from config options as well.

The email body in the template file should be configured as well. Currently, it can only be managed by operators out of Zaqar. In the future, we can use jinja template way to let it be configurable by Zaqar.

Once self_local is used, Zaqar will fill up the template file first, then use stmp lib to send the email subscription.



REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

A new config option called smtp_mode is added. To keep backward compatibility the default behavior is keeping use third part tools to send email subscription. If you don’t want to install the third part email tools anymore, please change its value to self_local.

Developer impact





Work Items

  1. Add a new config option smtp_mode
  2. Add the email template
  3. Add the logic to use smtp python lib
  4. The test code should be added.
  5. Document.






For functional test, here is no good way to test it in Upstream since OpenStack CI/CD environment doesn’t has a email service. Or we may ask the community for help to give Zaqar team a test account within email system. Or any other third part company can provide one for us. Otherwise we could only test it locally to make sure it works well.

Documentation Impact

A new send email way will be added. It should be documented.