Purge queue


Though user can delete messages, claims or subscriptions from a queue, but there is no way to delete many of them at once.

Problem description

Now Zaqar is missing a fast way to delete many resources at once for a given queue. This could be handy for user to clean the queue and keep all the metadata of the queue.

Proposed change

New endpoint for action ‘purge’ for queue:


POST body:

{"resource_types": ["messages", "subscriptions"]}

So the idea is if there is no POST body, by default, all the resources under the queue will be delete. Otherwise, if the key ‘resource_types’ in the POST body, then Zaqar will delete resources based on the given resource types. It’s a list and it could be one of the combinations of the two types: ‘messages’, and ‘subscriptions’.

Currently, it’s hard to list “claims” under a queue, so this feature won’t support clean “claims”.




User has to delete messages and subscriptions of the queue manually.



Primary assignee:
flwang (flwang@catalyst.net.nz)

Work Items

  1. Add a new method ‘purge’ for storage queue controller which will delete all messages and subscriptions under the queue.



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