Enhance Mgmt-Show To Support Deleted Instances



Today, GET /v1.0/<tenant_id>/mgmt/instances/<instance_id> does not work for Trove instances that are marked as deleted.

The proposal is to introduce an optional query parameter that indicates that the Trove instance information should be returned irrespective of whether the Trove instance is marked as deleted or not.

Problem Description

Without an API to retrieve information about a deleted instance, the deployer is forced to consult the Trove infrastructure database directly.

The mgmt-list operation supports returning deleted instances if ?deleted=true is provided, so it only makes sense that additional information about a deleted instance be accessible via mgmt-show.

Use Cases

  • As a deployer, I want to be able to retrieve information about a deleted Trove instance.

Proposed Change

Support the ?deleted=true/false query parameter in GET /v1.0/<tenant_id>/mgmt/instances/<instance_id>

Changes In Behavior:

  • If deleted=true, if the Trove instance UUID is present in the infrastructure database, the instance information is returned and the request is successful.
  • If deleted=false, or the deleted query parameter is omitted, the request will only succeed if the trove instance is not marked as deleted.
  • If the compute_instance_id exists in the trove.instances row, return it in the mgmt-show response at instance.server.id, even if the Nova API consultation fails.
  • If the volume_id exists in the trove.instances row, return it in the mgmt-show response at instance.volume.id, even if the Cinder API consultation fails.


No Configuration changes.


No Database changes.

Public API

No public API changes.

Public API Security

No public API Security related changes.

Management API

GET /v1.0/<tenant_id>/mgmt/instances/<instance_id> will be enhanced to support the ‘deleted’ query parameter.

For reference, the response of a mgmt-show: http://git.io/2RwWWA

Today, if the compute_instance_id is not recognized by the Nova API, the mgmt-show response will not include instance.server{}. Along the same lines, if the volume_id is not recognized by the Cinder API, the mgmt-show response will not include instance.volume{}.

This blueprint changes that behavior by always returning instance.server.id and instance.volume.id if they exist in the trove.instances table.

Internal API

No internal API changes.

Guest Agent

No Guest Agent changes.


No relevant alternatives given the prior art on using ‘deleted=true/false’ in other Trove routes.



Primary assignee:
Auston McReynolds (amcrn)




No dependencies.



Documentation Impact

If the Management API is documented (which I don’t believe it is), then the addition of the ‘deleted’ query parameter is relevant.