Force Delete resources

Force Delete resources

Provide support to force delete resources being stucked in some state like pending, error etc..

Problem description

In the current implementation, if resources(i.e. VNFs) stuck in any abnormal state, we don’t have mechanism to clean them. It is required to clean those resource from database even if somehow deletion from backend got failed. Like, when VNF delete fails due to underlying system or software error, those VNFs goes into PENDING_DELETE state. Now, vnf-delete on these PENDING_DELETE VNFs doesn’t work and these VNFs are stuck forever. We need to provide some mechanism for admin to “force” the deletion of resources in PENDING_DELETE state.

Proposed change

Add New parameter –force in delete command for resources(i.e. VNF, NS & VNFFG) and corresponding support in server will be added to force delete these resources.

The purpose is to make admin capable to quickly delete the resources that are not further usable, and stuck in ERROR or PENDING_* state.

To delete VNF

openstack vnf delete <VNF name / id> --force

To delete VNFFG

openstack vnf graph delete <VNFFG name / id> --force

To delete NS

openstack ns delete <NS name / id> --force
  • This feature will be required to clean Tacker db for the cases when normal delete workflow get failed. So to avoid the chances of accident and any inconsistency, we will keep it as an admin-only operation. so that admin can verify/debug the issue and can take suitable action on backend.
  • Success message will have some information that resource has been deleted with –force. Ex:
ubuntu@nti:~/dk$ openstack vnf delete test_vnf --force
All specified vnf(s) deleted forcefully


Login to Tacker database, use the sql commands to list the resources which are stuck in PENDING_* state, and then remove them manually from the database. Keep in mind to update other related tables too.

Data model impact


REST API impact

Addition of new parameter (i.e. {“force”: true}) in request body.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact


Upgrade impact




Primary assignee:
Cong Phuoc Hoang <>
Other contributors:
Dharmendra Kushwaha <>

Work Items

  • Support in CLI for VNF, VNFFG & NS.
  • Support in GUI for VNF, VNFFG & NS.
  • Support in Server side.
  • Add Test cases
  • Update docs for these support.





Documentation Impact

Tacker documentation will need to be updated to reflect this new support.



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