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Seperate Anchor validation functionality to enable reuse

Problem description

Currently the Anchor CSR validation functionality is all located in the Anchor package. This prevents the validation functionality from being easily imported and used by other projects. Therefore, the validation functionality should be split out into a module under anchor, so it can be imported by other projects. This will provide a simple API to the validation functionality, that can be used by both Anchor and other projects.

This will enable re-use of the CSR validation functionality in other projects, such as the proposed CA/RA Killick, or in Barbican.

Secondly, the code that performs validation of a CSR aborts when one of the validators fails - this works ok for Anchor, but the validation engine can be extended to provide added value for other services by running all validators and returning a dictionary, giving the result of each validator that was run.

Proposed change

Break out the code that iterates over the validators from into a new file ‘’. Extend this to return a dictionary giving the validator name and its return value, or throw an exception if an error occured.

Modify to work with the new and dictionary return, while catching any exceptions thrown.

Fix the tests to work with this new functionality.




Target Milestone for completion:

Work Items

1 - Break out validation functionality into new file 2 - Return the dictionary 3 - Fix testing to work with this, make sure that exceptions thrown by validators are still caught by