Node Group Template And Cluster Template Portability

Node Group Template And Cluster Template Portability

Sahara allows creation of node group templates and cluster templates. However, when there’s need to create template with the same parameters on another openstack deployment one must create new template rewriting parameters by hand. This change proposes to create functions to export these templates to JSON files and import them later.

Problem description

Sahara provides the ability to create templates for node groups and clusters. In the case where the user has access to multiple clouds or is constantly redeploying development environment it is very time consuming to recreate all the templates. We aim to allow the user to have the option to download a template and also upload an existing template to Sahara for a quicker setup.

Proposed change

This change proposes to allow import and export of cluster templates and node group templates. Uses node_group_template_get(node_group_template_id) and node_group_template_create(parameters) to connect to database. Templates will be changed before export so that IDs and other sensitive information is not exported. Some additional information will be requested for import of a template. REST API changes: Node group template interface * node_group_template_export(node_group_template_id) - exports node group template to a JSON file Cluster template interface * cluster_template_export(cluster_template_id) - exports cluster template to a JSON file UI changes: Node group template interface: * field for exporting node group template * field for importing node group template - uses ngt create Cluser template interface: * field for exporting cluster template * field for importing cluster template - uses cluster create CLI changes: dataprocessing node group template export dataprocessing node group template import dataprocessing cluster template export dataprocessing cluster template import


A clear alternative is let things be the way they are, but it makes Sahara hard to configure and reconfigure if it was configured before.

Data model impact


REST API impact

  • node-group-templates/{NODE_GROUP_TEMPLATE_ID}/export
  • cluster-template/{CLUSTER_TEMPLATE_ID}/export

Other end user impact

Export and import of node group templates and cluster templates available in both CLI and UI.

Deployer impact

Simplified deployment, deployer can download pre existing templates if needed.

Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

An option to export and another to import a template will be added. An option to import a template will have needed fields to complete the template.



  • Iwona
  • tellesmvn

Work Items

  • Add export of a node group template
  • Add import of a node group template
  • Add export of a cluster template
  • Add import of a cluster template
  • Testing
  • Documentation




Unit tests will be added.

Documentation Impact

Documentation about new features will be added.



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