Kilo Project Priorities

List of work items the neutron development team is prioritizing in Kilo.

Priority Owner
REST/RPC/Plugin API Refactor Mark McClain
nova-network to neutron Migration Oleg Bondarev
Plugin Decomposition Armando Migliaccio
Testing Maru Newby
Advanced Services Split Kyle Mestery
L2 Agent Refactor Armando Migliaccio
L3 Agent Refactor Carl Baldwin
DHCP Agent Refactor Salvatore Orlando
Pluggable IPAM Salvatore Orlando
VM Trunk Ports Maru Newby
Agent Child Processes Status Miguel Angel Ajo
Rootwrap Daemon Mode Miguel Angel Ajo

REST / RPC / Plugin API Refactor

This work covers all the refactoring of the core layers of Neutron. This includes the following:

  • RPC refactor
  • REST API refactor
  • Plugin interface refactor
  • Switch to pecan from homegrown WSGI

REST / RPC / Plugin API etherpad

nova-network to neutron Migration

This tracks the work on the Neutron side involved with migrating existing deployments from nova-network to Neutron.

nova-network to neutron Migration

Plugin Decomposition

This work outlines the plan for addressing the pain points that every Neutron contributor feels on a daily basis when working with the project. This is specifically focused on the thinning of plugins and drivers in the tree, which benefits the project as well as the plugins and drivers themselves.

Plugin Decomposition etherpad


This work covers all of the testing going on for Kilo. This includes:

  • Full-stack testing
  • DHCP agent functional testing
  • Metadata agent functional testing
  • OVS agent functional testing

L2 Agent Refactor

This tracks all the updates and technical debt repayment around the L2 agent. This includes:

  • Higher level abstractions for ovs_lib
  • Functional testing for the agent
  • RPC improvements
  • OVSDB monitoring improvements
  • Modular Layer2 Agent

L2 Agent Refactor etherpad

L3 Agent Refactor

This work covers refactoring of the L3 agent, including work needed for the advanced services split in the case of services utilizing the L3 agent.

Technical Debt in Agents etherpad

DHCP Agent Refactor

This work focuses in refactoring and improving the performance and reliability of the DHCP agent. This includes:

  • Restart improvements
  • Load based scheduling
  • Dead agent rescheduling
  • Functional testing

Technical Debt in Agents etherpad

Advanced Services Split

This work covers the splitting out of advanced services in Neutron. This includes LBaaS, VPNaaS, and FWaaS.

Advanced Services Split

Pluggable IPAM

This work introduces the pluggable IPAM subsystem in Neutron that allows flexible control over the lifecycle of the network resources.

Pluggable IPAM etherpad

VM Trunk Ports

There is heavy interest from the NFV team around this item. This will track the various BPs around this work with the goal of implementing this API support in Kilo.

Agent Child Processes Status

Neutron agents spawn external detached processes which run unmonitored, if anything happens to those processes neutron won’t take any action, failing to provide those services reliably.

We propose monitoring those processes, and taking a configurable action, making neutron more resilient to external failures.

Rootwrap Daemon Mode

Neutron is one of projects that heavily depends on executing actions on network nodes that require root priviledges on Linux system. Currently this is achieved with oslo.rootwrap that has to be run with sudo. Both sudo and rootwrap produce significant performance overhead. This blueprint covers mitigating the sudo and rootwrap introduced part of the overhead by using the new mode of rootwrap operation called ‘daemon mode’.