Auth plugin to support Multi-Factor Auth via password + TOTP

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Allow OpenStack to easily support optional Multi-Factor Auth (MFA) via TOTP across the whole range of services.

Problem Description

MFA is increasingly becoming a security standard, with TOTP being a good choice for passcode generation. OpenStack via Keystone does not currently support MFA and the current TOTP auth module is not useful for MFA.

A true MFA solution for OpenStack needs to be optionally enabled on a per user basis, with enabled MFA either blocking the APIs or requiring the APIs to accept an MFA passcode in some way.

Proposed Change

Create an optional replacement for the default password auth method that combines the logic of the current one, but will also do a TOTP check if the user has a TOTP credential. This plugin will be optional and easily enabled via a conf change, and should function entirely like the current password auth plugin until a TOTP credential is added to a user.

Handle MFA by using the commonly accepted standard of concatenating password+passcode. This allows MFA to work with the APIs and Horizon without any work needed outside of Keystone.

This spec will only handle per user MFA. Per user MFA makes the most sense, and it is how most people expect MFA to work. Attempting to handle per project MFA would require work across all OpenStack services to be able to support it, has a range of possible problems, and would require major refactoring in almost all areas. As such per project MFA is not worth the effort until a very good use case is put forward and until all other services are on board with supporting it.

Dealing with MFA and V2 Token Auth

If both V2 and V3 are active, then this change is useless as a good MFA solution as someone could easily bypass MFA by authenticating against V2 instead. We will either need to update the V2 token auth to work with MFA or simple deny MFA enabled users but work normally otherwise (editing mostly deprecated code). The other option is to very clearly document that to securely enable MFA, deployers must disable the Keystone V2 Api. Suggesting to disable V2 is the easier option, with a possible follow up spec to backport MFA to V2 if needed.



Security Impact

Improved security by allowing users with TOTP credentials to use MFA on their accounts but depends on status of Keystone V2 api.

Notifications Impact


Other End User Impact

No change to normal users, the change only causes different behavior once a user has a TOTP credential associate with them, and even then the only change is that to use Horizon or the APIs they need to append their TOTP passcode to their password.

Unless we also update the V2 token auth, or the deployer has disabled it, anyone using Keystone V2 will still be able to authenticate as per normal.

One impact is that users will no longer be able to use the standard file as supplied by Horizon. Instead we should either replace the default in Horizon with a multipurpose one that uses token auth, or add an optional one specifically for MFA users.

Proposed replacement

Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact

Unless we also update the V2 token auth, deployers wanting to use MFA securely will need to disable Keystone V2.

Developer Impact




Primary assignee:
adriant-y (Adrian Turjak <>)

Work Items

  • Create password + TOTP auth plugin.
  • Ensure the current username/password functionality works as expected.
  • Write tests to ensure new functionality works as expected.
  • Write documentation for activation and use of TOTP.


Not entirely dependent on, but a useful related change is: - Credential Encryption

Documentation Impact

Documentation needs to updated to show how users can activate and then use MFA on their accounts while making it clear that MFA is optional and normal non-MFA users are entirely unaffected.