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Ironic relies on L2 network for IP configuration (and optionally PXE booting) during provisioning baremetal nodes. It puts limitations on Multi-rack deployments and remote site deployments like Edge Cloud etc. This specification proposes passing IP network info via virtual media on hardware supporting virtual media boot, which enables deployment to run on purely routed L3 layers without any dependency on DHCP.

This specification suggests creating extra option (host_network_info) to virtual media based boot interfaces for deployment with backward compatibility to the existing DHCP based booting. This extra option should be selectable with a flag at boot interface level.

Problem description

It is not always easy to provide Layer-2 connectivity between Ironic conductor node and target nodes.

Example use cases:

  • Multi Rack deployment: Inter-Rack L2 switching beyond ToR is a challenge with DHCP-relay, as this adds requirement of either having ToR with DHCP-relay, or having a system or VM listening on the remote subnet to relay or proxy DHCP requests.

  • Remote site targets: It would be a great idea to deploy Servers in different remote sites from a central location. With the current setup of L2 dependency we need to provide VPN L2 tunnel between Ironic Conductor and remote target server. example: Edge cloud servers or Distributed VNF Flexi Zone Controllers 5.

Proposed change

Most of the Hardware offerings in the market support Virtual media connection and booting. To date even these servers rely on DHCP to get the IP configuration. This dependency on DHCP can be supported with below proposed changes.

On the Ironic Conductor side:- All vendors supporting Virtual media connection, booting and power management on L3, needs to create a new option that will use IP config data of target nodes which can be derived as follows:

  1. Stand-alone mode:- IP network information can be fed/removed directly by the end user to ironic node port or portgroup’s field “host_network_info”.

  2. Integrated Deployment Mode:- Neutron’s network info is derivable from ironic node port or portgroup -> neutron port -> neutron subnet -> neutron network. This info can be cached in ironic node port or portgroup’s field “host_network_info”. This field should be cleared when the baremetal node is disassociated with nova node or when the node is unplugged from provisioning network.

Ironic virtmedia boot interfaces can use this derived information to construct os-net-config JSON structure 2. This would be added as “host_network_info” in parameters.txt when running create_vfat_image 1.

Example:- Content for host_network_info

    "interface_mapping": {
        "nic1": "aa:bb:cc:d0:e0:f0"
    "network_config": [
            "addresses": [
                    "ip_netmask": ""
            "device": "nic1",
            "mtu": 1500,
            "type": "vlan",
            "use_dhcp": false,
            "vlan_id": 20
            "mtu": 1500,
            "name": "nic1",
            "type": "interface",
            "use_dhcp": false

Note:- This JSON structure should be validated by ironic-conductor to avoid parser errors on ironic-python-agent side.

Passing vfat image to target node:

  • Option-1: This vfat image can be attached to the target node’s Virtual Floppy if it is supported by the hardware.

  • Option-2: Some hardware do not support attaching more than one Virtual device. In such case the vfat image can be zipped and append to the end of IPA boot ISO with an extra 64K block.

On the Ironic-Python-Agent Ramdisk side below changes are needed:

  1. A logic should be added to IPA to extract last 64K block of boot iso, check if it is a valid zip file, if so unzip and loop mount it. This step is needed to extract vfat image in the case of above described [Option-2].

  2. Adding logic in IPA to read the virtual media parameters data. Look for “host_network_info” JSON structure. If found create a config file /etc/os-net-config/config.json.

  3. os-net-config tool and its dependencies need to be added to configure realtime network in accordence to /etc/os-net-config/config.json, before initiating REST APIs towards ironic conductor.

This method can be used by all ironic in-band operations, for avoiding L2 dependency.


glean 3 can also be used instead of os-net-config 2 Ignition 4 can also be used instead of os-net-config 2

Data model impact

As described in Proposed change section, port and portgroup needs a new database field host_network_info to store networking information. This will be a JSON dictionary.

State Machine Impact


REST API impact

  • Update GET /v1/ports/detail, GET /v1/ports/{port_id}, PATCH /v1/ports/{port_id}, GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}/ports/detail, GET /v1/portgroups/detail, GET /v1/portgroups/{portgroup_ident}, PATCH /v1/portgroups/{portgroup_ident}, GET /v1/nodes/{node_ident}/portgroups/detail, GET /v1/portgroups/{portgroup_ident}/ports/detail:

    New request/response field:

    • host_network_info JSON structure of the host network configuration.

Client (CLI) impact

“ironic” CLI


“openstack baremetal” CLI

  • Update openstack baremetal port create, openstack baremetal port set, openstack baremetal port group create and openstack baremetal port group set commands to accept one more argument --host-network-info <JSON>, with help text describing JSON structure of the host network configuration.

  • Extend the output of the openstack baremetal port show and openstack baremetal portgroup show commands with host_network_info column.

RPC API impact


Driver API impact


Nova driver impact


Ramdisk impact

  • Changes to IPA service, which would check availability of “host_network_info” parameter in Virtual Floppy.

  • os-net-config package needs to be added to IPA deploy ramdisk.

Security impact


Other end user impact


Scalability impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

shekar (

Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Changes to IPA and addition of os-net-config tool in IPA Ramdisk.

  • Add support to build os-net-config JSON structure using create_vfat_image:[1] on hardware which support virtual media boot.

  • Update documentation


  • os-net-config tool in IPA ramdisk

  • Hardware specific APIs to attach detach Virtual Media


Test the ironic deployment without enabling DHCP and L2 switch connectivity between ironic-conductor and Target nodes.

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility


Documentation Impact

Use of L3 based deployment should be documented as part of this item.