Infra Specs Repository

This is a git repository for doing design review on enhancements to the OpenStack Project Infrastructure. This provides an ability to ensure that everyone has signed off on the approach to solving a problem early on.

Expected Work Flow

  1. Create a story in StoryBoard with a task affecting the infra-specs project.
  2. Propose a change to infra-specs repository (ensure Story:<story number> is in the commit message).
  3. Leave a comment on the story with the Gerrit URL of the specification.
  4. Review happens on proposal by infra-core members and others.
  5. When ready for final approval, bring forward the proposed item to the infra meeting.

Once a specification is approved…

  1. Update story, copy summary text of specification to there.
  2. Leave a comment to the git address of the specification.

Revisiting Specifications

We don’t always get everything right the first time. If we realize we need to revisit a specification because something changed, either we now know more, or a new idea came in which we should embrace, we’ll manage this by proposing an update to the specification in question.